Quarter Auction Fundraiser

We are excited to announce our very first Quarter Auction fundraiser. We expect to have over 150 baskets available to bid on, along with many food and retail vendors. Paddles will be available for purchase upon entry for $20 or you can “Bid on All” paddles for $100.

Date/Time: October 27, 2019 at 3pm

Location: 2000 Coonskin Dr, Charleston, WV 25311

Before the Auction Day: Clinic volunteers have contacted as many vendors as there is room for in the venue. Their entry fee is a donated basket of their own goods valued at a minimum of $50 for people to bid on. Volunteers have also contacted many local popular businesses, service businesses, and banks to invite them to donate a basket either of their own goods or of items they put together to make an attractive basket - in return, their business will be advertised during the auction and on social media.

Day of the Auction: Before the quarter auction actually begins, you will have a hcance to walk around the room. There will be direct sales vendors and businesses with tables set up. Each vendor contributed a basket of their goods and services to auction. Attendees can make direct purchases from each vendor at the event. Additionally, there will be silent auction items to bid on and an opportunity to participate in a 50/50 charity drawing in the form of a Heads and Tails contest. There will also be food and beverages available for purchase.

Entrance: When you arrive you’ll pay for an auction paddle - this amount goes directly to pay for spay/neuter surgeries at the clinic. You’ll be given a numbered paddle which you’ll use to bid on the items and services that are being auctioned, as well as a list of all of the items being auctioned off. You may also be given the opportunity to purchase additional paddles for $5: doing so will increase your chances of winning. There will be a presale of a limited number of “Bid on All” Paddle for $100 donation that qualifies you for bidding on all offered items without having to drop quarters on each. Watch for the presale to be announced!

Once you’ve walked around the room and have seen what is available, you will be asked to take a seat in the auction room before the auction starts. Lists of the items being auctioned will be on tables for you to review again. The table may also contain a guide explaining the quarter auction rules and jars, which people will be permitted to drop their quarters. Those who have purchased “Bid on All” paddles are automatically entered in ALL drawings.

Amber Costello