Quarter Auction Fundraiser

We are excited to announce our very first Quarter Auction fundraiser. We expect to have over 100 baskets available to bid on, along with many food and retail vendors. Due to the capacity of the event venue, auction paddle sales are limited to 200 total. Ensure your spot by pre-purchasing your paddle early! Paddles will also be available for purchase upon entry. You can purchase “Bid on All” paddles in advance on our website for $50 or $75 at the door. Single bid paddles are also available in advance for $10 or $15 at the door. Please put the following information on your payment for presale auction paddles; Attendees name, email, number of paddles purchased at $10 and number of paddles purchased at $50. For more information, please call 304-541-5533 and leave a message!

Date/Time: October 27, 2019 at 2pm

Location: 2000 Coonskin Dr, Charleston, WV 25311 (Clubhouse)

Entrance: Doors open to the public at 2:00 pm. When you arrive you’ll pay for or pick up your pre purchased auction paddle – funds raised go directly to pay for spay and neuter surgeries at the Fix’Em Clinic. Your numbered paddle is used to bid on the items and services that are being auctioned. You may also be given the opportunity to purchase additional paddles; doing so will increase your chances of winning. There are a limited number of “BID ON ALL” Paddles that qualifies you for bidding on all offered items without needing to drop quarters in a cup for each. Cost of bidding paddles is as follows: Single - $10 presale and $15 at door. Bid on All paddles - $50 presale and $75 at the door. Take advantage of the savings while ensuring your seat at the event. Only 50 Bid on all and 150 single paddles can be sold due to the limit at the venue for capacity. Also at check in you can purchase your entry into the Heads and Tails Contest ($5) and the 50/50 drawing (10 for $5). YOU SHOULD BRING A SUPPLY OF QUARTERS FOR BIDDING UNLESS YOU BOUGHT A BID ON ALL PADDLE.

Before The Auction Day: Fix’Em Volunteers have contacted as many vendors as there is room in the venue. Their entry fee is a donated basket of their own goods valued at a minimum of $50 for people to bid on. Volunteers also have contacted local popular businesses, service businesses and banks and invited them to donate a basket either of their own goods or of items they put together to make an attractive basket in return for their business being featured. The businesses will be advertised during the auction and on social media. We appreciate our donors and ask that you support them.

Day of the Auction: Before the quarter auction actually starts, you’ll have a chance to walk around the room. There will be direct sales vendors and businesses with tables set up. . Attendees can make direct purchases from each vendor during the event. You’ll be able to find out more about their services and/or products and what item(s) they’ve donated to the auction. There will be other fun participatory activities and a 50/50 tickets and a Heads and Tails Contest. There will also be food, beverages and baked goods available for purchase.

How the Auction Works

When the Auction Starts: The MC will go over the rules for the auction to ensure that everyone is clear about how it works. A brief description of basket donor and what product or service they’ve donated to the auction will be given as each item is auctioned. The MC will then let you know how many quarters it costs to bid on the item based on the value. For example, if you’re bidding on a manicure basket that would normally be worth $25, the bid might be set at a quarter. If a donor has provided a week-long stay at a condo at Myrtle Beach that would normally be worth $200+, the bid might be set at 8 quarters. There will be a container in the middle of the table, to put your quarter(s) in if you wish to bid and raise your numbered paddle. Volunteers will come around and collect the quarters from each table and monitor bidders The MC will then draw a number out of a drum at random. If that number matches the number on the paddle of someone who has bid on the item, they win it. However, if the person that number belongs to didn’t bid on it, another number is drawn. This is done until there’s a winner. The “BID ON ALL” paddle holders don’t have to put in quarters for each bid as they have prepaid the higher paddle cost to bid on all. Each time a number is drawn for an item it is returned to the drum by the MC – this means that you have an opportunity to win more than one item during the event. This process continues throughout the auction until all of the items have been won.

Multiple Bids: As we mentioned above in the ‘Entrance’ section, you might have been given the opportunity to purchase more than one paddle. If so, this means that you can bid on an item more than once, which is perfect if there is an item you really want to win as it increases your chances. To do this, you bid however many quarters an item is being auctioned for, multiplied by how many paddles you want to raise. For example, if the bid on an item is a quarter and you only want to bid for it once, you simply put 25 cents in the pot and raise one paddle. If you want to bid for it twice, you would drop 50 cents in the pot and raise two paddles. Only the numbers on the paddles you hold up are eligible for that item. If you bought two paddles and subsequently used only one of them to bid on an item and the number called out is for your second paddle then you wouldn’t win and the MC would draw another number.

After The Auction

Basket Exchange: After the completion of all items there will be an opportunity for exchange. For instance, if you won a dog themed basket and own a cat for you may want to exchange it for something that fits you better. Meet after the auction in the vendor area to participate in basket exchange. Be sure to collect any items you won and pay for silent auction items you win. If you have any quarters left over, they can be donated to our cause. Have fun!

Amber Costello