Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment for a spay/neuter surgery?

Yes. We do require appointments for spay/neuter surgeries. Please book online through our website or call us 866-349-3698.

Do I need an appointment to bring my pet in for vaccines?

No. We see patients for vaccines during our normal walk-in wellness hours, which are 3-5PM. Check out our calendar under “Hours of Operation.”

Do you do any other surgeries beside spay/neuter?

No. Because we are a high-volume spay/neuter clinic, we cannot do any other surgeries besides spay/neuter.

How old does my pet have to be in order to be fixed?

Dogs and cats can be safely fixed at 2 pounds and/or 8 weeks old. However, we suggest waiting until they are 12 weeks old so your pet can receive the rabies vaccine at the same time.

How long do I have to wait after my dog/cat has puppies/kittens before she can get fixed?

You should wait 2 weeks AFTER your dog/cat has fully weaned the puppies/kittens. Her body needs time to heal and to allow for the milk to dry up before surgery.

Am I able to fill a prescription there?

No. We must establish a relationship with you and your pet before refilling a prescription.

Do you have a licensed veterinarian on site?

Yes. Our clinic is approved by the ASPCA and our veterinarian is licensed in the State of West Virginia.

Can I bring my pet there if he/she is sick, has an ear, skin, bladder infection, etc.?

Yes. We have a full pharmacy and can see patients for a variety of illnesses/infections. Please come in during our walk-in wellness hours.

Do you have an X-Ray machine?

No. We do not have an X-Ray machine.

Do you offer blood work?

Yes. We offer a full panel of blood work services, ranging from $35-$125.

Do you declaw cats?

No. The practice of declawing cats is increasingly becoming less common in the U.S., due to the extensive amount of research proving that the act of declawing is severely inhumane — ultimately causing more risk of physical and behavioral problems to the feline. A variety of alternatives exist to manage natural scratching behavior and to prevent injury from cat scratches. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

Do you intake/rehome strays?

No. We are not an animal shelter.

At what age does your clinic request pre-operative blood work (and what type?)

We recommended that any animal over 7 years old receives pre-operative blood work. If you wish to decline the blood work, we will require that a high-risk waiver form be signed prior to surgery.

My dog/cat had surgery last week, and now the incision is swollen, looks infected, etc. What should I do?

You may bring them in for a free recheck during our wellness hours, which are typically 3PM-5PM or you may send a picture of the incision to our email address — for our veterinarian to examine.

Why do you “ear tip” feral/stray cats?

Feral/stray cats receive an “ear tip” which allows others in your community know that the cat has already been trapped and fixed. It is painless for the cat.

When do animals start coming into heat?

As early as 6 months (dogs), 4 months (cats).

For how long are animals in heat?

The whole heat cycle is 2-4 weeks and typically occurs 2-3 times per year. The active heat cycle lasts approximately 7 days and you may see a bloody discharge at this time.

For how long are they pregnant?

Approximately 63 days for dogs and 58-67 days for cats.